At-Home Remedies to Rid Carpenter Ants

Before you call a professional pest control company for ant control, there are a few good at-home techniques to first try. Many times, the at-home solutions actually work, saving money, time, and hassle against hiring a professional. Take a look below to learn a few of the best ways to get rid of carpenter ants in your home.

1- Eliminate Food Source

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Carpenter ants come into the home searching for food. They can literally smell food from a mile away and will enter the home with their colonies to devour any crumbs left on the counter, near the trash, etc. Eliminate food sources, keep trash removed from the kitchen, and clean up after a meal to reduce your worries.

2- Cedar Wood Essentials Oil

Cedar wood essential oil is a natural deodorizer that rids carpenter ants quickly. Just place a few drops in and near problematic areas and the effective solution should stop your problem. If you prefer, mix the cedar essential oil with a carrier oil to make a repellant spray.

3- Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural, organic silica-rich mineral powder that people have long used to treat pests such as carpenter ants. It still works wonderfully today. It is a powerful solution that is easy to use and that works fast. Just place it in the areas where you’ve seen carpenter ants. It is easy to find this product at local gardening stores/centers.

4- Cinnamon

Carpenter ants do not like the smell of cinnamon because it cuts off their oxygen and will kill the ants.   Most people have cinnamon in the kitchen, so it is certainly worth a try to stop carpenter ants from coming into your house.

If all of your efforts to eliminate carpenter ants woodburn or fails, it is time to pick up the phone and schedule pest control service. Professionals have the powerful pesticides that take care of carpenter ants quickly and efficiently.