The Dream Bathroom Dream

One night she woke up feeling extremely cold. Her body was shivering all over. It was worse than goosebumps. And in the middle of winter too. Which was why she had filled her bathtub to as high as it could go with hot, almost-scalding, water. And her favorite scent of soapy bubbles. She lit one of her candles and was at least careful where she put it. You already see. She appeared to have encountered one disaster already.

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So, what exactly happened? What went wrong? This lady, after she got reasonably comfortable, fell right off to sleep. She had a hard day. She was exhausted. Like many other people, she had her dreams too. But this time, it must have had something to do with the settings, and psychoanalysts will tell you that this sort of thing does happen, she started having dreams, not nightmares, of how her customized bathroom design albuquerque project could go.

The dream was vivid enough because earlier in the day, instead of working, she had taken a peek online. She was viewing the contractor’s colorful portfolio of works. And she also quickly gave herself an easy, step by step tour of some of the bathroom projects that this contractor could perform for her. Like whitening her old bathtub, like the good dentist whitening her teeth. And lifting out all the old tiles and replacing them with some really impressive looking ricotta or terracotta tiles.

It had to be these particular styles because, as did happen before, the very next night, this time in her bed, thank goodness for that, although nothing wrong with lying in the bath; she was dreaming of her life and times in the Tuscan valley. She phoned the contractor the very next morning.