Tips For Protecting Your Home From Wild Animals

Wild animals are everywhere and as humans encroach deeper and deeper into their territory the likelihood of them paying us a visit increases every day.  The need for these animals is great.  They help keep the ecosystem in check as well as provide food and resources for human survival.  In order to keep this balance in control installing deer fencing brewster ny is one of the most humane options.  Here are a few more that you can try to keep animals at bay.

Trash and litter

Animals are constantly in search of food.  Help keep them from searching your yard by securely storing your trash and litter away from them.  Pick up your yard, keep old food in sealed containers, using old Chinese food containers is good for this, and use bungee cord to latch down the lids to your trash cans.


Lighting can frighten away some animals.  Keeping your yard lit will deter many animals from encroaching into your space.

Patch holes

Patching holes in fences, foundations, windows and walls will help keep animals from making a nest in your home or yard.  Doing repairs on your house can also help protect it from animals.  If animals can’t find a way in or a place to explore then you shouldn’t have to worry about them much.

Don’t Engage

If an animal does come onto your land don’t engage with them.  Let them explore and then wonder off.  If they happen to put you or your family in danger, then take appropriate action.  However, remember that they are living creatures as well.  Find a humane way to handle the situation.

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Monitor your property

Monitoring your property with cameras, doing a physical visual inspection and keeping up with any issues that you see can result in a symbiotic relationship between man and nature.